Golden Monkey Trekking


Golden monkeys mostly live in highland bamboo forests due to their diet their restricted to this habitat they mostly feed on fruits, leaves, bamboo trees, flowers, shrubs, bamboo shoot and many more. Golden monkeys are easily found while trekking as they do not build new nests daily like gorillas golden monkeys often stay in one place for a while.


In Uganda Golden monkey trekking can be found in Mgahinga Gorilla national park with about 40000 golden monkeys habituated, golden monkeys live in social groups of 30 called troops dominated by an adult male, golden monkeys derive their name because of their body colour. One of their unique feature is that they are very playful and move very fast.


Golden monkey trekking experience offers fascinating life time experience, tourists won’t only see golden monkeys but will always come across birds such as African hill babbler, regal sun birds, Olive wood pecker,



Unlike gorilla trekking which is limited to a maximum number of eight people, golden monkey trekking has no limitations many people on a given trekking day can go do this activity, the golden monkey permit mostly includes the park fees, spending one hour with the habituated group and ranger guide services.


Tourists can also combine their golden monkey experience by visiting the unique Batwa people, the Batwa people have depend on the forests for several years they live by hunting, collecting honey and gathering of fruits in the forests, they also depend on the forests for local medicine made from trees. While visiting the Batwa people, you will also get entertained by local traditional dancers who always do incredible performances at the Ngarama cave.


Golden monkey trekking starts with a briefing at the park headquarters at 7:00 am East African time and the trekking starts at 8:00am. The trekking time normally takes about an hour and golden monkeys are renowned for being photogenic in that they are not shy and you can have pictures with them close.



Cost of the golden monkey trekking permit


The Golden Monkey Tracking Permit cost varies from one country to another for example, in Rwanda at Volcanoes National park these cost US $100 per person interested where in Uganda at Mgahinga National park these cost US $50 per person interested in tracking these amazing Primates.


These can be obtained by contacting the Uganda Wildlife Authority to reserve your permit or the Rwanda Development Board. However, you can contact an authentic Tour Operator Agency that will obtain these on your behalf before the date of arrival.


Golden monkey trekking permits can be booked in advance or just on that particular date as there is no limitation in the number of people trekking, the maximum age for golden monkey trekking is 15 years old though it’s not very strict compared to the gorilla trekking age limit.


What to carry

Insect repellent,

Day pack for your lunch in case the trek takes longer than expected.

Water for drinking,

Wear long sleeved shirts, trousers,

Waterproof hiking boots and a good mood.

Remember to pick a walking stick at the briefing point or your hotel, you will appreciate the support on the sometimes slippery paths.

What to wear

Long Sleeved Shirts/ T-shirts

Long Trousers that are not jeans

Rain Jacket

Camera with no Flash

Hiking Boots

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